Sevierville Riverside RV Park Celebrates 30 Years

Riverside RV Park Celebrates 30 Years of Pavilions Church Services in Sevierville, TN

As Sevierville Riverside RV park celebrated 30 years of pavilion church services, it proved God’s faithfulness once again.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  Since a church is not a building or a form of structure, a loving family has opened up a church service in the RV Park.  This ministry is right in the heart of an RV Park in Sevierville, Tennessee.  It’s near the Pigeon River, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park giving it panoramic views. If this is the first time you’ve heard about them, then you’re reading the right article.  I’m going to tell you more about them here.

Sevierville Riverside RV Park Celebrates 30 Years but what is an RV Park?

RV Parks such as the Riverside one in Sevierville is basically a campground for Recreational Vehicles or RVs.  The amenities differ from one park to another.  But by definition, they allow Recreational Vehicles to stay overnight like some sort of campsite.  Most of them have toilets or bathhouses, garbage disposal areas, small shops, golf courses, hot tubs, power connection, drinking water connection, sewer, Wi-Fi, barbecue or grilling area, picnic area, swimming pools, shops, restaurants, laundry area, power connections, tents or gatlinburg cabins with indoor pool. Living and traveling in an RV can be challenging as well as enjoyable, and these RV parks help the owners travel with much ease.  They wouldn’t have to worry about parking or the security of where they will camp out.  At the same time, the RV owners will have everything they need for their vehicles and their passengers on board as well.

The Story behind Riverside RV Park Celebration of 30 Years of Pavilions Church Services in Sevierville

Of course, there is always a story behind every celebration.  Three decades ago, Kent Loveday, the owner, and pastor at Riverside wasn’t quite sure about where God was leading him.  He said, he and his family didn’t even intend to stay long in Sevierville, but of course, God’s plans said otherwise.  The RV Park is a family run business, so they didn’t have any trouble at all utilizing the campgrounds for a church ministry. 

So, they decided to take a leap of faith and allow the Lord to lead them.  As of today, they have an open-air church which has recently added garage doors.  This humble church is open to visitors from the months of April to October.  The service time is at 10:00 AM every Sunday and is open to everyone.  Today, the RV Park is an estimated 20 acres of campgrounds which houses two hundred and eighty beautiful campsites.  Aside from Sunday service, they also have an outreach that people can volunteer to.  They also give back to less fortunate countries and help them out.

How was Riverside RV Park Able to Celebrate and Stand Strong after 30 Years of Existence in Sevierville

The park is huge and is loaded with different amenities and things you can enjoy like a Swimming Pool, 316 Beautiful Sites, Camp Store, Cabin Rentals, Bath Houses, Large Full Hookups, Game Room, Free Wi-Fi, River Fishing, Mobile Home Rentals, LP Gas, Honeymoon Cabins, Concrete Patios, Free Cable TV, Near all Major Sevierville Attractions and a Laundry Facility.