Pigeon Forge

Don’t Let the Name Pigeon Forge Fool You

Nope, Pigeon Forge is not all about pigeons.  Judging the book by its cover is where most of us fail.  Yes, I know it’s quite a cliché but whether intentionally or not we do fall into this bad habit.  For instance, we have a habit wherein we judge a town by its name.  If it doesn’t sound exciting or modern, we let go of the idea of having to explore that city.  I mean we don’t even give it a chance just because it doesn’t have a name we are familiar with, isn’t that a bit too foolish?  As a result there are a lot of great things we miss out on just because we didn’t even take a second look.

Thank God for technology!  Now, we can be more forgiving and see if the name fits.  We can just type a specific place in the search engine, and we can check if our first impressions are at any point true.  With the touch of a finger, we can be proven wrong.

Pigeon Forge is a city that may sound like a nesting place for birds but trust me when I say that it is more than a simple aviary.  It is far from that.  This mountain resort located in Sevier County, Tennessee and has a total land area of 34.56 (13.34 mi²).  At present, the estimated population is around 6,238.  It does not just house pigeons, but it is also home to thousands of different species that will leave you astounded with its beauty.

How Pigeon Forge Got Its Name

Once upon a time, in the year 1920 to be exact, a man named Isaac Love built an iron forge along the Little Pigeon River.  A lot of passenger pigeons visited the river, and so the name Pigeon Forge was coined.  Sadly, these Passenger Pigeons have been long extinct, but the city has chosen to honor it by keeping the name of the town as well as honoring the history through local attractions and activities up until this very day.  While the story of how the town got its name is relatively simple, what Pigeon Forge has to offer is far from that.

Pigeon Forge Weather

Pigeon Forge has four seasons every year.  The climate is pretty predictable on most days, and you can plan conveniently before your trip.  Of course, you need light clothing during Summer and Spring and pack warmer clothes for Winter and Fall.  You have to prepare especially if you have kids with you.  It will help have everything in order if you do.  However, if you don’t mind doing some shopping here with us, you can also buy your clothes here!  We have everything you may need to wear from a skiing outfit to an elegant dining dress.  We have hundreds of shops you can visit and they do not disappoint.  A lot of people who visit us enjoy a little shopping spree.

Pigeon Forge Attractions

Pigeon Forge is perfect for a family vacation, honeymoon and a fun trip with friends.  If you are with your children, you can visit a lot of family-friendly attractions like Dollywood.  It is one of the best theme parks ever!  It has over 40 rides for you to check out and a superb dining experience you can try amongst others.  There are unlimited 40 acres of entertainment you can enjoy whether during day time or at night.  This town has a country or southern vibe which is not at all bad for people who appreciate old-fashioned warm hospitality and wholesome fun.

If you want an example, you’d be surprised to know that the city is not even keen on promoting alcohol consumption.  A few attempts have been made to amend this, but locals and spiritual leaders have proven to have a stronger influence on the city’s values and ordinances.  However, don’t worry even if you think Pigeon Forge is dry and you need a daily fixer-upper, you will surely get your fill another way.

Since it is only a few kilometers from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you can expect to have the same perks.  You can be taken away by all the great views and sights from parks or your very own Pigeon Forge Tn cabins or Pigeon Forge Tn hotels.  You can also come face to face with a lot of different animals, trees and plants.

If being updated on Instagram is your thing, you’ll surely be able to bring home with you thousands of pictures to post.  You can even do a classic pose in our breathtaking fall foliage.  Your followers will surely be envious of your little trip to the Smokies.

While you can do a lot of picnics, camping, trekking and sightseeing, Pigeon Forge is more than a place to enjoy nature.  They also have a lot of local attractions like an indoor snow park, indoor skydiving, Lumberjack Feud Show, a wax museum, a historic old mill, comedy theatre, and Island Show Fountains and miniature golf which you can surely have fun playing with your kids.

You can also enjoy a lot of pigeon forge restaurants; pigeon forge tn upcoming events like country music shows and visit a lot of shopping malls.  Whoever you may be, Pigeon Forge will have something for you to enjoy.  One weekend in the city may not be enough for you to do everything you want to do!

Read the Book!

I quote Steve Cosgroves, “Never judge someone by the way he looks or a book by the way it’s covered; for inside those tattered pages, there’s a lot to be discovered.” We were never just meant to look from afar and derive assumptions and make them out as truth.  We have the responsibility to really get out there and see for ourselves if it is the real deal.  Only a fool will dismiss something he has never even tried.

So, again, let me remind you not to allow an ordinary name from preventing you from discovering a national gem.  We have to have an open mind when it comes to finding new things and new places.  When we go somewhere we’ve never been, we usually have loads to learn.  For instance, we can be acquainted with their history. We’ll find out how the people whove lived there transformed their little town into a big tourist destination.  We also develop various skills. One of the skills is being more adaptable in terms of adjusting to a new city. It also includes relating to new people with amazing personalities.

If you go online, there are millions of pictures and blogs you can go over of someplace you’ve never been. Photos and blogs may sound exciting, but it is a whole different thing to experience it firsthand.   When you ee the sights and smell the air yourself, you’ll fall in love with Pigeon Forge. Allow this type of experience to take you to new heights.  Allow Pigeon Forge to an exciting adventure filled with history, fun, knowledge, and love.  Visit us now, and we will show you how to make the most of your vacation!