Black Bear Went in a Hot Tub in Tennessee

Black Bear Went in a Hot Tub in Tennessee

Photos of a Black Bear in a Hot Tub in a Smoky Mountain Cabin in Tennessee Went Viral

In this day and age, where everything can be shared in social media, you can see amazing things like a Black Bear that went in a hot tub in Tennessee.  Yes, you heard that right!  Just recently, a Black Bear went in a hot tub in Tennessee!  Earlier this May, Hannah Elizabeth Strickland who happened to spend her vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains, had the privilege of getting a personal encounter with a Black Bear!  Well, it was more of her hot tub having the close, but it was a close encounter nonetheless!  She shared the photos with her friend, Laura Halm who couldn’t contain her excitement and posted about the cuteness on Facebook.  Her original post read:

“OMG CUTE ALERT: My sweet friend, Hannah Elizabeth Strickland, snapped these photos of this little guy relaxing in a Gatlinburg cabin this morning! ❤#Gatlinburg #BlackBears #Smokies”

Personal Encounter with the Black Bear

According to Laura Halm, Hannah Elizabeth Strickland saw the bear hop over the railing of the patio of their cabin and got into the water.  She also said that the bear was apparently a mother and had three cubs with her.  She couldn’t help but take snapshots because she knew this was a once in a rare sight to behold.  Since Laura Halm posted the photos, poeple shared it more than four thousand times and gone viral on social media.

What Made the Black Bear that Went in a Hot Tub in Tennessee Post Viral?

We all grew up having teddy bears all around us, and I think they bring us a lot of comfort and a sense of security.  Maybe that’s why the post has gone viral; it was a real-life teddy enjoying a hot tub!  As much as we find black bears cute, you shouldn’t reckoned them like a force.  These gigantic and robust animals are beautiful but must be handled with extreme caution.  We also need to know how to respond or react upon sighting so that we can adequately protect them.

What You Need to Know about the Black Bears in Tennessee

Black Bear in Smoky Mountains CabinAs of today, the estimated Black Bear population in the state of Tennessee is around seven thousand.  Authorities say that this number will continue to grow slowly.  A lot of reports contains their sightings. In some cases, there has been aggressive behavior from the bears.  Bears are wild animals, and so we have to know about them so we can react properly.  So, what do you need to know about bears?

In a nutshell, Native Americans hunted bears mostly for food and for their coat.  There was a time that the black bears in Tennessee had a dwindling population because of unregulated hunting and because the increase of people displaced them in their own natural habitat.  The Black Bears can reach six feet in height and six hundred pounds in weight.  They are known to have an excellent sense of smell.  Their sense of smell is a hundred times better than humans.  They are great in the water and can run as fast as thirty miles per hour.

According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, we should never forget that bears are far from our stuffed toys and cartoon character favorites.  They are wild animals and are very unpredictable.   They try to avoid human contact, and that is how it should be, we must not attempt to initiate contact with them as they can sometimes exhibit aggressive behavior when they feel threatened. 

What You Need to do if You See a Black Bear in Your Cabin’s Outdoor Hot Tub in Tennessee

First of all, do not come near them.  Try to move away as far as you can.  However, you must remember not to run at all.  Since they are animals, they might act on their instinct to chase after you if you do.  If you leave them alone, they will most likely find a way to escape or flee from you.  Do not try to feed them as well.  They say that a fed bear is a dead bear.  We must not let them get used to being around humans for their own protection and ours too.  In addition to that, bears are also dexterous animals.  That is why; a lot of the garbage bins’ designs in Tennessee are to prevent Black Bears from rummaging through them.  A lot of the foods for human consumption are not healthy for them or safe for them to eat. 

TWRA encourages everyone to report bear sightings.  It is also important to note that if you see a bear that seems sick or injured, that you DO NOT try to attempt and help the bear.  Call or notify TWRA.  You must be trained to handle these animals, and any wrong move can endanger your life or the lives of the people you are with.  Bear cubs are cute but their mothers are very protective so treat them as you would adult Black Bears and keep your distance.  They wouldn’t know if you had good intentions or if you are trying to take her cubs away from her.  So, caution is always the key.  If you realize that the bear was lured to your location for some reason, try and remove the lure so that it won’t return.

Do not make contact with Black Bears

If you happen to see a Black Bear in your hot tub just like the one Hannah Elizabeth Strickland saw in her cabin in the Smoky Mountains, do your best not to make contact and not to make any noise.  Do not panic and remain calm.  If the bear has not seen you, keep it that way and slip away from the area.  And here is a gentle reminder, remember to close the hot tub covers when you’re not using it.

Enjoy but Learn from the Black Bear Who Went in a Hot Tub in Tennessee

Life is short, and we must live it to the fullest.  We must take the time to splash and get into a hot tub once in a while.  The precious moment of being able to witness a bear up close without any harm inflicted to both man and animal is something to be cherished and thankful for.  We must learn to co-exist while respecting each other’s boundaries.  We must have a balance between work and relaxation too, just like what this bear has shown us.  If she enjoyed the hot tub in the cabin of the Smoky Mountains, I’m sure you’d enjoy it too!

Is it time for a Smoky Mountain vacation?

Is it time for a Smoky Mountain Vacation?

Perfect Time to Visit the Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains are calling your name. It’s time then to spend some time in the Smoky’s and find out how much fun you can have. Whether If If Newlyweds, family gathering, gathering friends together or just a couple wanting to escape to one of the spectacular and most visited National Parks in the United States. Then gather up your belongings and head to the hills. It’s beautiful with so much to see and you will want to come back again and do more things. Having a Smoky Mountain vacation is a memory you, your family, and friends will never forget.

Where do you stay? Lots of places to choose when you want to visit the Great Smoky Mountains. You can rent a one-bedroom romantic cabin for the weekend and enjoy the coziness. Romance is in the air due to how nicely decorated; it will be fun just the two of you. The two of you will always remember the tranquility and fun with a Smoky Mountain vacation or honeymoon. Or If you happen to have a family gathering or a group of friends gathering, you can rent 6, 7, or 8 or more bedrooms and split the costs. Cabins in the Smoky’s offer everyone a nice place to stay and easy access to most tourist sights and more; try Smoky Mountains Company to book a reservation. has a lot of cabin choices which are in various locations.

Places to Stay During Your Smoky Mountains Vacation

If you want more exclusion from the crowds, Smoky Mountains Company has lots of cabins to make your Smoky Mountain vacation stay comfortable. These cabins are on the grid, but they are tucked away in some exciting areas surrounding yourself with tons of trees and enjoy the privacy that they offer.

If you are more inclined to stay near the Parkways, then some cabins offer you seclusion but closer to the action. You are closer to more activities, restaurants, and more but can still feel like you are amongst the trees. When you choose Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, or Sevierville; there are so many choices to make your Smoky Mountain vacation memorable experience.

Some say that the mountains are the most relaxing place to be. They are right. Listen to the whispering trees when there is a slight breeze; it will make you very relaxed. A Smoky Mountain vacation will undoubtedly make you more in tune with nature. Did you know that some of the mountains in the Smoky’s are among the oldest here on earth? The flowers are some only found in these mountains, and there are over 1600 species. A vacation will give you considerable value for your money.

Smoky Mountains’ History

The Smoky’s get their name from the “tangle of brush and trees which form a close-packed array of air-breathing leaves.” It’s pretty amazing to see the smoky mist rising out of the mountains at times of the day.

It’s interesting to note that the park also preserves the humble beginnings of the late 1700’s churches, cabins, farmhouses, and barns. Most of the settlers left the area back then due to remoteness back then, but few remained and made a life for themselves in the Smoky’s.

It’s very intriguing to get into the history of the Smoky Mountain. There is so much to take in. If you are interested in water areas, you have lakes and rivers to enjoy, plus all the spectacular views and nature. If you’re more of a city person than you can appreciate what the parkway’s offer, and you wouldn’t miss a beat for all the entertainment, shopping, and restaurants, plus the nightlife is fun.

Smoky Mountains Hotel or Cabin Rentals

Needing a place to stay then try a cabin or a hotel. What’s the difference between a cabin or hotel? There are lots to compare when you are choosing the right place for you, family or friends. The essential features of a cabin are the privacy you’re not at the mercy of people that come in late or are noisy when you stay in a hotel. Some people like the space that a cabin has to offer and they can pick a location that is closer to the festivities and attractions to get there sooner and come back to your place.

Consider also that if you have family or friends you want to stay with a cabin gives you space and it is cheaper to share then everyone getting a hotel room. Plus, if you have kids, they are much happier in a place where they can play games and run around “vs.” a hotel where the rules are much stricter. Cabins have better amenities, washer, and dryer, hot tub, a BBQ, usually a movie theatre, and you can save money by cooking in instead of eating out all time, with fully equipped kitchens to meet your needs. Most cabin rentals have management companies, so if there is ever a need or problem, they will fix it promptly.

Comparing Hotels and Cabins

Hotels, on the other hand, don’t give you the privacy you need or want, plus they are usually more expensive. Even if they offer breakfast it is not the best; you can fix your breakfast, which tastes better and often less costly. If you’re in a group, a cabin provides you with more spac. Also, it’s much more enjoyable for the whole group. Since lots of hotel rooms have thin walls, listening to a loud TV or slamming doors is upleasant at all. With a cabin, you won’t have such intrusive noises.

If you need to do laundry, you have to pay for it in hotels. Compared to having a washer and dryer in your cabin which is more convenient. How about a movie theatre? Most hotels do not offer you a private room where you can munch on popcorn and enjoy a movie with companions. There’s nothing like enjoying a hot tub and being surrounded by a forest, to get that tranquil feeling fast! A Smoky Mountain vacation cabin might be the key to a better time!

Making your next vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains is one of the great highlights of the Eastern United States. Moreover, it’s a treasure to the state of East Tennessee. A Smoky mountain vacation might be your next adventure. 

Smoky Mountain Hikes Locations

Smoky Mountain Hikes Locations

Hiking in Great Smoky Mountains

Having fun in the Smoky Mountian’s is easy for everyone. Where do you begin? People of all ages have lots to do in the smokmountain area. The Smoky Mountains is one of the most amazing regions in the United States. Lots of Smoky Mountain hikes to entice everyone.

Hiking is one of the best ways to see the Smoky Mountains. You will have many trails and areas to explore. And since, there are so many to mention, we chose just a few for you to explore.

Hiking trail guide for the Smokies

Before any hike, check the weather conditions; Smoky Mountain hikes vary from elevations, range from skill sets beginners to advanced. Make sure that you have the right gear if you are going to do any long hiking. Smoky Mountain hikes are challenging to say the least. It is best to dress in layers, plus carry rain gear, the weather in the smoky’s changes depending on the time of year. Of course, good shoes are a must, first aid kit, water, snacks; to meals that are needed depending on how far you want to venture. If you are hiking with small kids, let the adventure begin on a short hike and go from there.

Nature calls when there are so many Smoky Mountain hikes. Tons of trails, exploring and overall just enjoying the beautiful scenery. There are over 1500 trails in and around the Smoky area, a lot more! The key is staying on the trails keeps everyone safe because it is easy to get lost; the parks can’t express enough to every hiker to remain on the trails.

Hiking Trails in the Smoky Mountains

The Appalachian trail hike will take about seven days or longer, but a shorter Smoky Mountain hike can be possible if you use Newfound Gap or Clingmans Dome as a starting point. These trails will give the hiker a mid-point, which will be about 3 or 4 days since these are considered long hikes you will need a pick-up at the end of your journey. One of the best views is from Charlies Bunion park. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee takes about four days.

The trails have white-blazes which mark the trails, and the blue blazes will lead to shelters. Moreover, these blazes are either painted on trees, posts, and rocks. The system is easy to follow and, most hikers will understand them quite easily. It makes the Smoky Mountains hikes very doable.

They do have backcountry shelters which are one of the better places for an overnight during bad weather or a place to sleep for the night. These shelters come in handy if you didn’t bring a tent or the weather dictates a place to stay when you to any of the Smoky Mountain hikes. Hence, it’s a great place to hook-up with other hikers. Shelters work well and keep the environment stable acknowledging their policy through-out the trails, “Leave no trace” keeping surrounding areas in-tact. Remember though making a reservation is mandatory, please call (865) 436-1231. There is a hefty penalty if you stay and do not have a reservation or ticket so keep that in mind. You do not want to be on a Smoky Mountain hike without having accommodations if you are planning to do a long walk.

Things to Know Before You Go Hiking

Keep in mind that there are lots of bears in the area on all Smoky Mountian hikes. They recommend fixing meals away from the shelters so as not to attract them and store them properly. They can tear up most things. Most cabins in the Smoky’s have trash cans that are locked and chained otherwise; bears will get them open them. You don’t know how a bear will react so always be cautious; they are unpredictable. It is best to read or find out about the bears in the parks and know what to do as a precaution. You can run into a bear on any Smoky Mountain hike so be cautious.

Water needs to be boiled or purified if you use the park water. Also, take a guide book or phone, so that you can scout out towns or shelters early on in the day. Any Smoky Mountain Hikes should be well understood before any hiker ventures out in the woods.

In addition, there is another hike to consider is to Mt. Le Conte, hiking on the Alum Cave trail to Mt. LeConte gives the hiker some great panoramic views, some geological points, and not as steep of climbs as other trails might have. If you want a little adventure, then this is your course to take! It’s a beautiful Smoky Mountain hike.

As with any hiking you have to be prepared. In the winter there is hail and ice. So be sure and check the weather before you take off for any sort of adventure.

Other Great Smoky Mountains Hiking Trails

Tons of history, did you know that the Epsom Salts Company established in 1838 at the Alum Cave? Homespun mountain peoples used the salts to dye clothing a reddish brown. Also, during the civil war, the Confederate Army mined and used saltpeter to manufacture their gunpowder.

Mt. Le Conte is the tallest mountain in the Eastern United States, which makes it the third highest peak in the Smokies at 6,593 feet. The base is near Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The mountains of Tennessee are truly spectacular, a must see for anyone visiting the area. The Smoky Mountain hikes can give everyone a breath of fresh air.

If you decide to hike this trail you can spend the night at the Mt. Le Conte lodge or cabins nearby. There is no way in there except to walk so at the end of your hike you might think about spending the night. It’s a 4-hour hike, but you need to make reservations. Also, they now sell baked goods, sack lunches, and beverages too. This secluded lodge is located in the Nantahala National forest and about a mile from the Alum Cave Trail and the 441 Highway. It’s a great way to see this area and one of the best Smoky Mountain hikes.

How about a more strenuous hike? Then the trail to Rocky Top Summit might be calling you! It is a difficult hike, so you need to be in tip-top shape to get through the 13.9 miles round trip. Lots of elevation changes so preparing for a rough and exhaustive hike is essential, but it is so worth it! The terrain and scenery are beautiful and breathtaking.

Best Time to Visit Smoky Mountains for Hiking

The Smoky Mountains are one of the most stunning, which makes it the most visited park. When is a great time to visit? Visiting in the spring and fall is an excellent time to be there. We lived in this area for over a year the parkways are always busy whether you are staying more in the city limits or exploring nature there is a lot to appreciate and see. Lots of good restaurants, shops, tourist attractions, stores, shows and many other things for people to see and enjoy. It’s a great place to vacation in one of the numerous cabins or hotels. It seems there are multiple hotels and cabins are built all the time. There are many places to choose from; expect prices to vary.

Staying at cabins in the Smoky’s gives family and friends a place to entertain and unwind after a long day of hiking, sightseeing, or visiting nearby areas. Lots to do and lots to see that is why it is one of the most visited parks in the United States. Enjoy the Smoky Mountain hikes too, something that will be memorable for everyone.